USA Road Trip Part 2-40

Snowy Mountains and Geyser Sunsets: USA Road Trip II

This is part 2 in a series of images from my recent road trip across the USA. See part 1 here. Grand Teton and Yellowstone are neighbouring national parks in central USA and are both unreal. As in, sharp-snowy-peaks-wildlife-everywhere-geysers-galore-buffalo-on-the-road unreal. As much as we focused on checking off as many …

USA Road Trip Part 1-31

Eerie Ghost Towns and Rainy Plains: USA Road Trip I

This is part 1 in a series of images from my recent road trip across the USA. See part 2 here. This past May, one of my best friends, Mélissa, and I took a 5400km-long road trip from Toronto to Vancouver through the USA. It was beautiful. When you drive …

Travel with camera-8
PhotographyTips & Advice

Tips on Traveling Safely with Cameras

Within the last month, two people have asked me about advice on what cameras to bring while travelling and how to take care of them while on the road. I thought I would share my thoughts today. The way I see it, we all have several options for photographic gear …

Behind the Scenes

Why do Photographers Blog?

Why do photographers blog? I’ve asked myself this question many times over the past few weeks as I’ve been researching and developing my new website (which is coming by the end of the summer!). Every photographer I’ve come across has a blog, and, sure, it’s great for posting images of …

Rosemary and David -16
Engagements & Couples

Markham Seaton Trail Engagement Session: Rosemary and David

Three-quarters of the images I came back with after Rosemary and David’s engagement session this past weekend were of them laughing, because that is what they do. The two, who came all the way up from London for their engagement session in the woods, perfect the art of witty banter. …

Negar SP-7

Toronto Glamour Portrait Session: Negar

Negar came down to my apartment/studio this past weekend for a glamour portrait shoot. Throughout our time together, we talked about self-confidence and learning to accept and love yourself as you get older. As I sit here editing the photos from her session, I see confidence shine through her in …

Happy Easter Final


The rebirth of life after winter, especially after the winter we had this year, is amazing. The first buds on the trees seem incredible, and it’s always amuses me how you can never catch the moment those buds turn into leaves. The coming of spring also marks the beginning of …


A Plea for Spring

Today is officially the first day of Spring, though you wouldn’t know it by the grey skies and cold wind. This winter has made us feel like Spring may never come and I’ve taken to looking at images of last year’s Spring with a sad nostalgia – the kind where …

Winter 2014-18

Signs you Spent Winter of 2014 in Canada

Snow, ice, more snow, more ice, melt, freeze, repeat. This winter will go down in our personal history books, there’s no doubt about it. From its abrupt start at the end of November with a full out blizzard to its insane comeback with -25 degrees after a day of +6, …

Janine and Chris Downtown Toronto-4

Downtown Toronto Wedding: Janine and Chris

It’s hard to imagine it at the moment, as we enter our 88th consecutive day of snow on the ground here in Toronto (a city record!), but Janine and Chris’ July wedding was beautifully warm. The kind of warm you wish for in July – mild, not too humid and …