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Canvases and Branded Packaging

I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to be able to put the graphic design skills I am learning at school to use on my business. Every week that we develop a brand system for school, I am able to apply the same steps and knowledge to Real & Blush and it is some of the most challenging but ultimately satisfying work I’ve ever done. It is much more difficult to design for yourself than for other people, but if you can push through and fight the overwhelming feelings, it is very rewarding to be able to develop your own brand.

In light of this ongoing rebranding, I have recently purchased a few items that will help develop both my brand as well as the products I offer.

First off, I am so excited to be offering all my clients the ability to print any of their images on canvas to hang in their home as art.

I have always been a big advocate of printing your images, but to have them printed in a large format and on beautiful canvas is a WHOLE other level of amazing. This is an image from Sarah and Jacob’s wedding this summer that was printed on 16 x 24 canvas. It is soft and lightly textured and adds an artistic element to the image that is simply lovely.

Here it is hanging on my Monet wall (I painted it inspired by the colours and brush strokes Monet used in his Lilies painting… basically it’s proof that I am a nerd):

I just can’t get over how gorgeous canvas prints are.

In other news, last week I received my custom branded stamps from Bizzy B’s and they are basically my new toys. Do you know how exciting it is to stamp your logo around on everything you own?!

These are some very exciting times and I absolutely can’t wait to keep sharing these new developments with you!

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