Hamilton Dundurn Castle Wedding: Gina & Rocky

I have a list of reasons why Gina and Rocky’s wedding this June in Hamilton, which I shot with Melissa Miller, was simply incredible.

Let’s start with the fact that Gina is hilarious. From the moment we arrived in the morning, she was full of energy and adding humour to every step of the process of getting ready.

When Gina arrived in front of Rocky after walking down the aisle, she paused and curtsied. And with that, she officially became one of the best brides ever.

The couple’s formal portrait session took place at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. Yes, a castle. In Canada. Rumour has it that Dundurn Castle is haunted, but having the heebeejeebees scared out of you is a small price to pay for such a splendid backdrop.

Does anyone else get a very Downton-Abbey-esque feel from Dundurn?

I blogged last week about how stunning this cluster of peonies was. You can read it and see more images here.

Are you ready for a super snazzy fashion shoe shot?

Right? Pure glam.

Yes, I had a slight (ok… major) obsession with the ruffles on Gina’s dress.

Gina and Rocky’s day ended at Carmen’s Banquet Hall. The decor and the lighting made for these soft and romantic photos that I just can’t get over.

More photographic proof of this couple’s humour and energy – this is how they finished their first dance:

Ahhhh… the ruffles.

Thank you for reading and thank you again to Melissa Miller for bringing me along with her!

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