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My biggest piece of advice for anyone working from home is to have a separate home office. For years I worked on a little desk inside my bedroom and when the time came to call it a day, I was so used to being “on” and being active inside that room that I found it hard to switch off.

When I moved into my new apartment, I decided to convert the bedroom space into a home office/living room and it is one of my favourite places ever to work in. The room has the most natural light of all of the apartment and it has doors, which means I can physically shut away my work. It also means I get to open the doors every day and feel like I’m opening for business – a lot of fun, especially when in your head it feels like opening the stock exchange.

I always love seeing other people’s work spaces and today I want to show you mine!

I like to keep my desk clean with lots of room to spread papers and books out.

Having fresh cut flowers always makes any room a little more cheerful, and next to it is a little candleholder from Ikea.

I bought this desk calendar last year at my favourite paper store in New York – Posman Books – and the images are so beautiful that I’m using it again this year, even though the dates are no longer accurate.

My most useful books stay on my desk at all times.

From left to right: Notebook from HomeSense, “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser, “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders, “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin, “The Flash Photography Field Guide” by Adam Duckworth, and “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon.

When I moved in, I wanted to paint one of the walls of my office to be a backdrop for portraits. This is my “Monet wall” inspired by Monet’s water lilies.

One of my favourite items on my desk is this piece of wood my brother carved into a few years ago (woodworking- one of his many hidden talents). I believe it’s an old piece of hardwood floor that he cut smaller.

I work on a laptop (yes, I’m a PC girl!) but I attach another monitor and work with two screens. This is very helpful when I edit and can watch a workshop on the side or when writing a blog post and having all the images on a separate screen.

In the evening I turn on my twinkle lights that hang above the window. They add so much to any room and it’s a shame to only have them out at Christmas, so mine are year-round.

A few years ago a coworker and I were browsing at HomeSense during our lunch and I just couldn’t put down this clock camera. I am not an impulse buyer but it was too cute not to get it. It has been with me since the beginning of my photography career and I love it.

There is my office! Thank you for joining me and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing where I work!

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