Toronto Harbourfront Wedding: Karen & Marcus

Personal note: It’s been a while since I posted any new images because for the past few weeks I’ve been on a major mission to find an editing style that I love and will stick to for a long time. I’m going to be 100% honest – it was a painful process. Often with creative work, our instinct is to just get it done when in reality things often take time, sleep, hours of effort as well as hours away from the computer and Photoshop altogether to achieve a final product that we can be proud of. Many times I thought of just purchasing actions and having someone do it for me. But I pulled through, watched around 50 Youtube videos, learned more about Photoshop than ever before AND finally achieved my goal! I quickly got to editing again and am THRILLED, possibly more than ever before, to show you this wedding.

Karen and Marcus were married in May of this year at the Argonaut Rowing Club on the waterfront. The day was beautiful, without a cloud in the sky, and the backdrop of Lake Ontario added an extra level of elegance to the imagery.

(Many thanks to the ever amazing Janice Yi of Janice Yi Photography for the opportunity to second shoot this wedding.)

Karen and Marcus began by getting ready in the same location, but in two different areas so as not to see each other.

Karen’s shoes were the perfect amount of glittery.

Could I resist playing around with them?

Karen was an amazingly elegant bride.

Karen and Marcus opted for a first look in the backyard of the home where they were getting ready. First looks always produce such genuine and sweet reactions.

Noontime shadow play.

Just before dinner, we popped down to the harbour boardwalk for a quick sunset dash session.

Thank you for stopping by Karen and Marcus’ wedding. Let me know if you have any comments or questions by leaving a message below!

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