London Old Courthouse Wedding: Rosemary + David

“I am head over heels in love with Rosemary.” This is how David expressed his emotions for his new bride as they both overlooked their closest friends and family at their wedding reception last Saturday. In the blue-lit reception hall of the Old London Courthouse, the couple exchanged moving words for each other and for everyone that played a part in their wedding day and in their lives.

Wedding-day speeches always reveal a lot about the couple getting married. Starting from their tones – whether humorous or serious – to their content, they never fail to capture the essence of a couple, even if it’s only in between the lines. Everyone that stepped up to the microphone on Rosemary and David’s day spoke of a time that the two had been there for them and helped them, and of how evidently they support one another in everything. These two are kind and give themselves to others – a fact that is further supported by Rosemary’s choice of nursing as a profession.

Rosemary and David, you are wonderful and put together a beautiful day. It was an honour documenting you and your guests and how clearly you belong together. Much love, Barbara.

Rosemary and her ladies began their day at a salon and then made their way back to Rosemary and David’s adorable home to put on finishing touches.

The men got ready at the Delta Armouries London hotel in downtown London.

I am convinced that David and Ryan Gosling are secretly brothers. It’s no coincidence that Ryan Gosling is also from London, Ontario!

Rosemary and David chose to meet before the ceremony at the top of a beautiful staircase at the Old Courthouse.

Their ceremony took place outside the Old Courthouse. As guests were settling in…

…the bridal party was receiving their final blessing before the ceremony.

The Old Courthouse’s English architecture provided a stunning backdrop to the ceremony.

Rosemary with her ladies:

David with his gentlemen:

This was one seriously awesome group of people:

Rosemary, could you be more beautiful?

The evening continued at the Old Courthouse’s upstairs hall with Rosemary and David’s personal touches everywhere.

David takes the award for best line during a groom’s speech to date: “If you didn’t have cheese for dinner, I’m serving it up now.”

Many thanks to my second shooter Chloe for all her help!

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