Fall Leaves, Google and the Best Youtube Tutorial Known to Mankind

It is midterm week at school and to relieve some of the stress and bring myself back into my beloved photography world, I decided to share with you some of the random news that have tied my life together this past week:

I got a call from Google
Whaaaat?! Yup you read right. Google called me. And I pretty much felt like the coolest person on earth (even though I requested the call…. and they likely make thousands of calls a day …. no one needs to know the details!). I have officially listed Real & Blush Photography on Google Maps and even though it’s currently showing me as floating off the shore of NUNAVUT on HUDSON’S BAY, I am still on there! (Truthfully, the location marker is an easy fix but it is just too hilarious to see it pop up in the current location.)

Anyone need a photographer for an Arctic nautical wedding? Apparently that’s my specialty according to Google.

I’m going on a mini-vacation!
I am going away for a few days to the only place where cool people that get calls from Google go to: SUDBURY, ONTARIO. I am so excited to catch up with one of my closest friends and go hiking and enjoy the fall weather outdoors, away from all technology. And how could a place with a giant nickel NOT be exciting?!

(Image from Wikipedia)

Speaking of fall weather…
Thanksgiving weekend was beyond incredible weather-wise and I captured some images that I am in love with while on a hike. I also realized that hiking with photographers should be medically discouraged for people who do not hike with a camera, specifically those with low levels of patience. Seriously, when we get going – photographing dead leaves from 3 different angles, trying to get macro shots of birch bark peeling off a tree and disappearing into bushes to get the perfect backlit photo of one red maple leaf among only other yellow ones – I feel for anyone that we brought along with us. And there is only so much that a creamy soft backlit wide aperture photo of cotton-like plants can repair in terms of loss of patience caused by dilly-dallying.

Point and shoot cameras
I haven’t owned a simple point and shoot camera since 2006 (that was my first-ever camera actually!). In 2008 I bought a DSLR and I’ve only been using that since then. I know many photographers carry their DSLRs around all the time, but sometimes I get worried about my little guy being smushed in my backpack or purse. So I decided to buy a point and shoot for days when the little guy just won’t fit and I am so freaking excited. I have been researching quite a bit and I have found the camera for me:

A camouflaged point-and-shoot – for when simply hiding the tiny thing in your hand won’t do. Seriously though, does anyone know why you need a camouflaged point and shoot? I keep picturing someone hiding in the bushes trying to secretly sneak pictures but their small point and shoot is not in a camouflage pattern and keeps giving them away. The frustration! In all honesty, I am still not sure which point and shoot I will go with so if you have suggestions, please let me know!

Youtube tutorial gem
While we are on the topic of comedy, I have found possibly the most entertaining Photoshop tutorial that has ever been created. I watch a lot of tutorials and I praise the existence of Youtube every day because even in such a dry topic as blending two photos into one, you can count on there being at least one tutorial on Youtube that will completely liven the mood. I think I account for at least 100 of the 101 000 views this tutorial has and the first few times I watched it, I cried. From the moment the second image he is blending pops up, to his frustration at the end, the sudden profanities and even just the way he says the word “percent”, this person had me laughing from beginning to end.

So here is my gift to you, cH33T0zx’s tutorial on how to blend two images. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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  1. October 17, 2013 at 11:57 pm — Reply

    Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard reading this! I even read some bits out loud to my classmates! (Your comment about the big nickel being exciting got the following response: “I used to think that too, before I moved to Sudbury.”)

    The camouflage camera is priceless! It would actually fit right in in Sudbury, so I hope you buy it and bring it in honour of your mini-vacation. (I once went into a fancy shoes & suit store that was opening a women’s section, and the salesman said: “and here, we have these REALLY cute camouflage pants!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there is no such thing as cute camouflage anything.)

    So excited for you to visit! See you in less than 24 hours!

    ps// I’m sorry to say that technology has made it to Sudbury. =(

    • October 18, 2013 at 10:05 am — Reply

      Haha I’m so glad you liked it! I AGREE – nothing camouflage is cute! See you soon!

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