Burlington Royal Botanical Garden Wedding: Sarah & Jacob

Sarah and Jacob were married on a not-so-sunny day in June. It’s easy to assume that a cloudy or even rainy wedding day is a bad thing, but I am here to tell you – it is not!

Cloudy days are actually helpful for the photography aspect of the day because they allow sunlight to be evenly distributed everywhere, meaning there are no harsh shadows or bright spots or, my worst enemy, leopard shadow prints on people’s faces. Blargh.

Rainy days, well, let’s all agree we’d prefer NOT to have them be our wedding days. BUT, there are ways to work around them. Scroll through Sarah and Jacob’s beautiful Burlington wedding for all my rainy wedding day tips:

(Many thanks to Melissa Miller for bringing me along to document Sarah and Jacob’s wedding!)

While Melissa captured Sarah and her girls, I started the day off by visiting Jacob and his groomsmen as they got ready at his home.

The preparation portion of the day usually takes place indoors, so there is no need to worry about rain spoiling your plans yet.

Jacob and Sarah’s ceremony was one of the most emotional I have witnessed yet. It was so moving to see so many friends and family tear up when Sarah walked in with her father.

Rainy wedding day tip #1: Ceremony If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, check with your venue in advance for what their rain plans are. Chances are that they have a tent they will be able to put up if the day is threatening to be watery. Otherwise, make a plan B or rent an events tent yourself, just in case.

After the ceremony we headed over to the Royal Botanical Gardens for wedding party photos.

Some of the bridesmaids hairstyles (they were gorgeous!):

Rainy wedding day tip #2: Portraits When you are looking for a venue for your wedding party and family portraits, make a mental note of covered areas where you could continue the portraits in case it starts raining. The most ideal areas would be ones with plenty of natural light – perhaps a building with lots of windows or a covered passage like this one at the Botanical Gardens.

Rainy wedding day tip #3: Props Equip your whole wedding party with umbrellas. You can find really gorgeous umbrellas, simple black ones or see-through ones like Jacob and Sarah did. A good idea is to keep the tags on until you have to use them. In case it doesn’t end up raining, you can easily return them.

Rainy wedding day tip #4: Don’t worry! Rain is not the worst thing that could happen and it certainly is not bad luck on a wedding day. In fact, it is GOOD lucky rain that allowed us to create these images on the way back from the gardens:

The reception was held at The Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek:

Many weddings have touching speeches and stories about the couple, but this particular one was possibly the sweetest I’ve ever heard. When Sarah was younger, she went over to her aunt’s one day devastated that she had broken up with a boy she claimed was the love of her life. Her aunt consoled her and said that he was not the love of her life and, in fact, she would bet her 100$ that she would get over him eventually. The boy turned out to be Jacob and on their wedding day, Sarah’s aunt presented them with the 100$ she owed her along with a note from that day confirming the bet. SWEETEST. THING. EVER.

There you have it, a gorgeous sweet wedding and some tips for dealing with rain! Thank you for reading!

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