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New Blog, New Direction

Welcome to the fresh new Real & Blush Photography blog, hot off the redesign press! I am THRILLED to be launching this new design and format on this Friday morning, just in time to house all the new summer sessions and photography articles that are upcoming. With this new format, …

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PhotographyTips & Advice

Tips on Traveling Safely with Cameras

Within the last month, two people have asked me about advice on what cameras to bring while travelling and how to take care of them while on the road. I thought I would share my thoughts today. The way I see it, we all have several options for photographic gear …

Behind the Scenes

Why do Photographers Blog?

Why do photographers blog? I’ve asked myself this question many times over the past few weeks as I’ve been researching and developing my new website (which is coming by the end of the summer!). Every photographer I’ve come across has a blog, and, sure, it’s great for posting images of …

Happy Easter Final


The rebirth of life after winter, especially after the winter we had this year, is amazing. The first buds on the trees seem incredible, and it’s always amuses me how you can never catch the moment those buds turn into leaves. The coming of spring also marks the beginning of …

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Investing in Your Business

It is one of the most incredible feelings I know to be able to invest into your own business and see it grow and expand. It’s also more incredible when the growth is not based on acquiring debt. Sometimes it can be really hard to resist using the credit card …


The Desert is Beautiful, and Why I Went to Vegas on a Whim.

Two weeks ago I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor about some surgery I had back in January. What I thought would be a quick, easy visit where the doctor told me ‘everything is fine, you can go now!’ turned out to be one of the most shocking mornings …

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Inspiration: The Genius Eye of Tom Hooper

Have you seen Les Misérables yet? If not, cancel your plans for tonight and go see it! And don’t forget tissues. The movie is a visual and musical work of art. As a long-time fan of the musical, I went into the movie feeling a tiny bit skeptical – as …

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Disposable NYC

I mentioned yesterday that my lens broke on the first day of my trip to NYC for the Photo Plus Expo. I wandered out of the convention center on the first day, I started to take pictures. Within a few clicks of the shutter, the lens stopped focusing. Then it …

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The Photo Plus Expo in NYC!

If you followed my Facebook page in October, you may remember that I traveled to NYC (and got out right before the hurricane, oof!). I attended the Photo Plus Expo, an expo and conference relating to all things photography and one of the largest of its kind. It was a …

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Goodbye Dress Pants, Hello Backpack

Welcome to the 5 Days of Blogging! I wanted to start off with a more personal post to explain some big changes that are happening in my life right now. As of this Monday morning I am officially unemployed! I resigned from my full time job at the law firm …