Renee + Ginoy SP E-6
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Toronto Beach Engagement: Renee and Ginoy

Who ever said Toronto can’t look like California? Ok, well maybe we have pine trees instead of palm trees…and our beaches are a little smaller and we can’t actually swim in Lake Ontario (believe it or not, there are city signs that say the lake is too polluted to step …

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Sunset Dashes and Golden Hour

Sunset dashing: a quick dash by a bride and groom out of their wedding reception around sunset for an additional portrait session. That is the newest addition to my wedding photography terminology. Wedding schedules are hectic and it’s not usually convenient or possible for couples to time their wedding portraits …

Blake Lyndsey-16

Hamilton Waterfront Wedding: Blake & Lyndsey

I am so grateful to have been able to assist Melissa Miller at Blake and Lyndsey’s wedding this past Spring. It is always such an honour to witness and capture such a sincere couple as Blake and Lyndsey. All day long we were inspired by the couple’s personal touches in …