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Sweet Autumn Wedding Preview

Hayley and Mark are one of the sweetest couples I photographed last year with Janice Yi. I spent most of the morning of their wedding day with Mark (in fact I didn’t see Hayley until their First Look… it was a First Look for me too!), and getting to know …

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Behind the Scenes

Assisting/Second Shooting Explained

Over the weekend, a friend asked me a very interesting question about what it means when I say that I ‘assisted’ a photographer. I realized afterwards that not everyone knows the ins and outs of the photography industry and I want to explain how assisting and second shooting works. On …

Dress 1

What Do I Wear to a Wedding?

I have two traditions going on in my career as a photographer. One is that I keep a memento (a program or menu) from every wedding I’ve photographed. And two is that I have photographed every single wedding so far in a dress. I remember waking up for the first …