Signs you Spent Winter of 2014 in Canada

Snow, ice, more snow, more ice, melt, freeze, repeat. This winter will go down in our personal history books, there’s no doubt about it. From its abrupt start at the end of November with a full out blizzard to its insane comeback with -25 degrees after a day of +6, and the fact that so many spent Christmas without power and that our city was actually FROZEN solid – we will be talking about this one for a long time.

Winter in Canada

With so many days spent in Arctic air, there are a few things we all learned and shared in common. Here are ten signs you lived through Winter 2014 in Canada:

Signs you spent Winter 2014 in Canada

10 – Going outside without gloves was just not an option if you wanted to survive.

9 – Your skin got so cold that walking into your home made it feel like it was burning.

8 – You’ve MASTERED identifying the slippery ice vs. the ice that’s rough enough to walk on.

7 – If you do slip on ice, that split second heart attack that comes with the shock of feeling like you’ll fall doesn’t even phase you anymore.

6 – You can’t visualize green grass. (Toronto hasn’t seen grass since December 9th 2013, a recent record.)

5 – You need an extra half hour to get dressed, and two pairs of everything became the norm. (pants, second pair of pants, socks, wool socks, shirts, sweaters, coats, scarves, hats, gloves, balaklava (funniest word ever)…)

4 – You spent 10 minutes every morning washing the salt stains out of your boots.

3 – You know the rage that comes with having tried to cover every centimeter of your body and still feeling the burn of cold attack the outside of your eyes. (Really?!)

2 – Even the INSIDE of your windows was frozen at times.

Finally, the number 1 sign that you lived through Winter 2014:

You lived to see the day it was colder in your country than ON PLANET MARS.

Here’s to hoping this winter will end soon and one pair of socks will be enough!

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